Have A Crush in A Rush

All I'm goanna say is, we never know when to fall in love with someone, nor getting married is not a competition to win for. 

Sex appeal must be the first to see when we met someone, and then her/his manner comes first. 

My Sailor Boy found his girl for the first time in June 2022, then began seriously talking about marriage in August, and chose the perfect time for D Day. Once it was in October, moved to November, finally December 2022. 

Everyone in our family wonders why it should be in a rush, so many questions in our mind. Enventually, it was because her younger sister is getting married in 2023 and she doesn't want to be "dilangkahi". I don't know if there is other reason. 

To be honest, I, as his aunt, feel a bit worry since knowing someone is not only about how long the relation is, it's about how deep the chemistry between two brains. It's not easy to "menyelaraskan dua kepala". 

Moreover, he still owe his mom a postgraduate degree. We wish he fulfills his promise to my sister to finish his education and graduation. 

Last but not least my sister as his mom has to give her blessing for them, and we, all of our family, support him to ask for his belove one's hand. May Allah also blesses them with eternal happiness. Ameen. 
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