7 Ways to Wear Shapewear and Look Fabulous for Any Occasion

Shapewear is an excellent garment for women who want to enhance their body shape and feel more confident. This foundation garment does not give women a different body shape. It only smoothes out the natural curve to give  a sleek and clean silhouette. It is designed to accentuate the figure in all the right places and elevate the look with confidence.

What's best about these amazing foundation pieces is that they are suitable for all occasions. You can wear a butt lifting shapewear underneath your work outfit or dinner dresses to keep everything tucked in all the right places. There is a plethora of shapewear out there and it can be rather intimidating trying to navigate the shapewear world. It is not easy to look for the best shapewear but once you find one that works for you, it can help to skyrocket your confidence. Well don't worry because here is a guide about shapewear, how to wear it and look fabulous no matter the occasion.

7 Ways To Wear Shapewear 

Shapellx shapewear can transform how your clothes fit. Do read on to learn how to pair your shapewear with your favorite outfits.

1. Skinny Jeans

For skinny jeans, you would need a pair of tummy compression butt lifting body shapewear that is made to smoothen your core, hips, and thigh area. One of the best shapewear for tummy, this body shaper with removable straps and 3 levels of abdominal compression will give strengthen tummy control and gives you a natural-looking butt lift in tight-fitting skinny jeans.

AirSlim® Firm Tummy Compression Bodysuit Shaper With Butt Lifter

2. Mini Skirt

In order to slim your body when wearing a mini skirt or mini dress, you can choose to wear a panty shaper like this seamless and supportive underwear. Made from recycled material, not only do you look good wearing your mini skirt, you are also helping the planet. This panty has high waist for complete tummy to waist control and the thong style ensure no visible panty lines and also enhances your natural derriere curves.


PowerConceal™ Eco Contour Seamless Shaping Panty

3. Pencil Skirt

If you want to keep you look natural and sleek when wearing a pencil skirt, then a pair of compression panty with side zip shaping will be able to help you achieve a flawless look. It offers medium compression and has three-layer shaping fabric with power-mesh lining for a firm hug. The flexible boning will contour the waist while prevents from rolling up. The thong design will ensure no visible panty lines.


AirSlim® Side Zip Shaping Panty

4. Tight-Fitting T-Shirts and Sweaters

If you put on a tight-fitting T-shirt or sweater, choose a comfortable-fitting bra that shows no lines underneath your clothes. This wireless bra offer support with a barely-there feel. It is made from eco-friendly fabric and offers a cozy breathable fit. The non-slip silicone prevents riding up and the bra offers just the right amount of coverage and support.

CoreSculpt™ Seamless Eco Support Bra

5. Leather Pants

No matter if you like your leather pants to be fitting or with some room, you can pair them with super comfy or moderate compression shapewear. When wearing leather pants, you may want a shapewear that offers mid compression with butt lifting design like this high waist shaper shorts. This pair of shorts will give a full tummy control, waist slimming, butt lifting and thigh sculpting all at once to give you a contoured lower body.

PowerConceal™ High Waist Sculpting Shorts

6. Form-Fitting Dress

If you have plans to wear a figure hugging dress on your night out, you may want to switch to a dress with built in shapewear like this contour midi shaping dress. Featuring 360 degree waist taming power, this mid firm control dress will sculpt the natural figure and smooth out any lumps around the core area.

Built-In 360° Contour Midi Shaping Dress

7. Wedding Dress

If you are looking for a shapewear to wear under your wedding gown for a little extra coverage or support, then shapewear bodysuit is the perfect option. This AirSlim ElasticFuse waistband shaping bodysuit offers a smooth look all the way from your chest down to your thighs with its powerful flexible feature. It is also designed to give the derriere a lift and that's a win-win.

AirSlim® ElasticFuse Waistband Shaping Bodysuit

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